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My Kids Martial Arts School in Liverpool, is for children aged 4 to 14 and is designed to give your child everything they need to thrive in life. You’ll be amazed at what your kids can achieve while having fun in a safe, positive and friendly environment.
My Kids Martial Arts School in Liverpool, has been running for 8 years now and I have developed a unique method of making an ancient art relevant to a young audience. My aim is to help your child overcome any obstacle, giving them a sense of self worth, and realisation of the power they hold within them.
Kids at the start of their journey will be allocated a buddy. The buddy will be a long standing member of my club, and will help integrate them into the class. I find this prevents any first day nerves and relieves your child of the worry of making a new friend. Every journey begins with a single step and we’re here to help you take yours.

This is no ordinary Martial Arts Club, yes it does the things you expect:

Provides physical strength and fitness
Promotes a healthy lifestyle
Builds confidence
Instils self-discipline
Helps develop coordination and balance

It also gives your child more, we:

Improve day to day concentration, which helps to improve school work
Inspire ambition
Make children smile
Give an attitude of “fitness for life”
Instil respect for those around them
Encourage them to share their achievements
Help them build friendships
My students are taught, that the physical side of what I teach them, should only ever be used in self defence. I remind them that their Martial arts skills, should never be used for unwarranted aggression
My aim is to progress children through the World Ju Jitsu belt grading system, and every students goal is to achieve Black belt and beyond. Black belt is a symbol of excellence in martial arts, and can be a very important tool in developing desire, determination, and learning the importance of following through in an activity

My students are taught never to give in on any given task and that they can do anything as long as they put their mind to it

My coaching qualification in Ju Jitsu has to be renewed every 2 years and I have a fully up to date CRB

To secure your child’s place at my Kids Martial Arts School in Liverpool, please contact me on 07887868872, Paul
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